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Simply Creativity

Color Pink Wheel Diameter 19.3 Inch/49Cm Road Roller Skate For Adult And Teenage

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Color Pink Wheel Diameter 19.3 Inch/49Cm Road Roller Skate For Adult And Teenage

Product Description


  • Facebook search homepage Tafeng check play video ABOUT PRODUCT AND FEATURES : the tafeng roller skating is new roller skating ,It's similar to traditional roller skates, but the difference is that he is faster, adapts to various pavement, the product is lighter in weight, It consists mainly of apron pedals, wheels, and pedals. This new skating requires you to step on the pedal, put on the apron pedal, and then fasten the belt before you can start using it.
  • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTIO: the roller scooter Using titanium alloy metal frame,More durable than traditional roller skating, the roller scooter Maximum weight capacity 100kg, made of natural rubber material pu wheels durable and stable,big and stable wheels can adapt to various pavement, The black object behind the small wheel is an emergency brake. You can achieve braking by lifting your legs
  • DURABLE AND WEARABLE WHEELS : it has a big wheels plus small wheels,the Big wheel needs to be inflated,The wheels are made of natural rubber material.the pu wheels not easily loose and fall off, it's wear-resistant,anti-slip,damping,cool to play and contributes to smooth noiseless gliding. The damping effect is good , elastic wheels ensure your safety, !The big and stable wheels can adapt to various pavement such as the pebbles,the grass,the asphalt,the concrete,wooden floor and on the carpet.
  • LONG-LASTING WEARABLE PEDAL-TYPE DECK: Long-lasting, wear-resistant treadle deck made of high-density rubber, High strength and wear-resistant use time will be long, the Foot pad friction is strong to avoid slipping the sole , At the same time the Foot pad is also very convenient for cleaning.
  • PRODUCT COMPONENTS: It consists mainly of apron pedals, wheels, and pedals. Apron pedals is composed of wheel rim, Pedal,straps, velcro,buckle,protecting band.etc, wheel iclude wheel rim, inside and outside the tire ,truckle,etc, apron pedals is composed of apron, protection band, protection pad, straps, velcro, buckle,etc. apron pedals with adjustable bandage and buckle, Protect your legs firmly, Securely wrap feet and legs.

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Each in a PP bag and many into a carton box.

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