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Simply Creativity

Shoulder Crocodile pattern PU luxury fashion women hand bags ladies

Regular price $71.99 USD
Regular price $85.99 USD Sale price $71.99 USD
Hangzhou Zhaoyun Trading Co., Ltd.
Our company is a supplier and dropshipping agent with 5 years of experience,mainly serving independent sellers such as shopify, woocommerce, ebay, etc.and can provide customers with customized products and other e-commerce solutions.The company has established a good cooperative relationship with many factories and customers. It has two warehouses and many cooperative warehouses in China, and it can ship 5,000 packages every day.
We can provide professional freight services, and we can have good services for every aspect of order fulfillment, including customization, procurement, inspection, photography, warehousing, combination, branding,packaging, delivery, etc.
Our Service
*5-15 day global logistics
*24 hours order fulfillment
*Best-price/best-quality for product
*Product quality inspection and sturdy packing
*Free stock and global warehouse
*Personal customization:product/LOGO/package
*High-quality product images and videos for free
Services Description
* Sourcing from high-quality manufacturers
* Strict quality checks
* Fulfillment centers all over the world
* Blind dropshipping with local courier tracking numbers
* Automated order synchronization
* Easy and prompt communication
* Multilingual account managers located in different time zones
* Customer service in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Mandarin
* Customer-friendly refund policy
* Low cost branding solutions

We have two ways to process orders from shopify, woocommerce, ebay and other platforms
1. Use our software to link to the shopify store, automatically fulfill, automatically upload the logistics tracking number, and
automatically send emails to notify customers
2. Perform fulfillment according to the exported CSV form, and fill in the tracking number and fulfillment status.

Products Description
Our Advantages
*Fast——The logistics covers 200 countries and regions, and the fastest delivery in Europe and the United States is 3 days
*New——Regularly update Amazon, AliExpress hot products, keep up with the trend
*Profession——A team with five years of dropshipping experience will serve you in all aspects
*Diversity——Cooperate with 50 factories of different categories, basically covering all products
*Cheap——Provide free warehouse, photos, videos and other services
Packing & Delivery

Refund policy

1. The package stops in transit, no tracking information for 30 days
2. The product is damaged or defective
3. Wrong delivery of packages or missing products
We can resend or refund
Refunds are not supported in the following situations
1.The customer cannot provide evidence of damage to the product or the wrong package
2.Refunds subjectively thought by customers, such as not wanting them anymore
3.The customer provided wrong information so the product shipment failed

common problem

1. How long is your overall fulfillment speed?
Our purchase time takes 1-3 days, and the global shipment is 5-15 days.
If you want faster fulfillment, we suggest to purchase some inventory in advance and put it in our warehouse, and the order can be fulfilled within 12-24 hours.
2. What are your charges?
Our charge is $0.5 per order for packaging and labor costs (our warehouse is free to use).
3. Whether to fulfill the order through the CSV form?
Some of our customers will fulfill their orders through the Google shared form, and we can also use the software to link to your shopify or woocommerce store.
4. What is your payment method, can you issue an invoice?
Of course, our payment methods are PayPal, paynoeer, payment at Alibaba station and bank transfer, we can make invoices for you.
5. Do you have a MOQ?
We have no MOQ for any product, but for custom packaging, we will have a MOQ of 500.
6. If I already have other suppliers, can you only provide consignment service?
Yes, we will send you the warehouse address, you can ask your suppliers to send products to our warehouse, and we will perform order fulfillment for you.