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GZKITCHEN Electric Chocolate Melting Machine Double Pots Ceramic Non-Stick Pot +1 silicon spatula gift

Regular price $191.99 USD
Regular price $223.99 USD Sale price $191.99 USD
Products Description
Voltage : 220V~240V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
Material:Spray paint + aluminum ceramic non-stick pan .
Power: 0.8kw
Temperature control :30-80℃
Single capacity :1.25KG
Internal diameter/height :16*16*8CM
Product size :35*23*11cm
Spot wholesale FDA small translucent integrated silicone spatula cream spatula cake spatula baking tool

1.Don't have to lie between water heating, simple operation, and increases with the increasing melt, at ease.
2.Computer control, precise will automatically adjust to the best temperature of chocolate.
3.No water vapor, completely avoid chocolate deterioration phenomenon.
4.Super power.
5.Without over, is fully automatic.
6. Design with conductive way through professional heating principle, through the layers of protection device, make its heat
evenly, effectively break through the traditional barriers, put an end to water vapor, no moisture, smokeless and odorless, no
flame, not afraid of the wind, high thermal efficiency, save electricity safety;
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Thank you for visiting our store.Our store  is a professional and technical supplier of commercial
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Any piece is welcome. We actually don't have minimum order quantity limit, our quotation is based on order quantity, please tell
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We are an online order mode, customers can directly place orders for products of interest. If you have any questions about the freight, please contact us directly.

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All products are offered for one year warranty. Any defective products under guarantee we will provide the spare parts without

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