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Simply Creativity

New arrival Wholesale colorful Fur Cute Raccoon Fox Fur Slippers Summer Toddler Fur Slides Kids Girls shoes and bags set

Regular price $46.99 USD
Regular price $54.99 USD Sale price $46.99 USD
Products Description
Product name
Kids Girl Fur shoes and bags set 2021
multi colors for choices
fashion women bag
Delivery time
within 3-7 days
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Factory information
Henan Allwin Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is focus manufacturing and selling women handbags, backpack, canvas bag, sports bag, coin purse, kids bag etc. Our factory is located at Huadu area,guangzhou city. It’s with more than 30 years Experience of luggage bag and cases manufacturing, brand design, supply chain management, customers have spread throughout Europe, North America, South America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and other countries and regions. Our core mission is to connect the world, serve the future, and deliver better products to your side. We are adhering to the value‘quality-based, integrity-based, service-oriented, innovation-driven, reciprocal double-winning. We highly Pay attention to the exploration, introduction and cultivation of talents. We love to explore and establish the most valuable China's import and export trade operation system with value creation ability and continuous service capability.Our vision is to lead all the same values Allwinbag people to create a sentimental and valuable century-old industrial and trade integration enterprise.
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