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Simply Creativity

New Cross Strap Fitness Yoga Wear Sets Hollow Tight Active Wear Bra Top Drawstring Legging Yoga Clothes

Regular price $59.99 USD
Regular price $67.99 USD Sale price $59.99 USD

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Our Advantages

Let's say something difference of our seamless styles compared with other suppliers

----Controlled the cost effectively and Defective rate.

There are 48 importing machines to specialized in producing seamless fitness wear in our factory.
Most of others use domestic machine.

----Ours are more heavier more firmer
The weight depends on raw material,yard thickness and Organizational form.
Ours are with big elastic.more firmer when doing strechy sports.
OEM ODM Service
Feedback from clients

Company advantage

Our company located in Shenzhen Factory is in Dongguan,the biggest garment industry place in Asia.We are a specialist in women
yoga clothing and women shapers.such as sports bra,yoga pants,hoodies,jacket,tank top,shorts and so on..
We sincerely welcome great clients from all over the world to have a visit and cooperate with us.RUNNINGLINE,your best choice.
primary service:
1.Arrange production accroding to your artwork,picture for real product OR real sample.
2.There are some varies of the newest and hot selling models in stock,welcome wholesaler's inquiry.
3.Undertake OEM/ODM.we have a few years experience to cooperate with foreign famous brand.
Product parameter
Multi-color and can be customized
Stickers+OPP bag or Other Packing as customer's Requirements
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Our advantages
1. We have our own factory with advanced equipments.
2. We can supply reasonable price with quality guarantee.
3. We can provide flexible customization.
4. We can provide high-definition pictures.
1.Spandex / Polyester / High-Quality Soft Fabric.
2.S,M,L, Super Stretch
3.Small order quantity, variety of design options
4.We have our own factory and you can design your own leggings