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Pet Cat Comfortable Massager Corner Massage Brush Plastic Fixed Hair Removal Comb Scratch Itches Pet Grooming Supplies with cat

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Comfortable Cat Corner Massage Brush

Color:Blue/Grey/Green/Orange/Pink/Black/Red/Sky Blue/Lake Blue Product size: [ 13 X 8.5 CM + 1g cat nip leaves ] 100% Brand New & High Quality Features: Designed according to the cat's habits, it provides our cat with the thrill of friction, the durable plastic brush removes loose and fit cat hair while it scratch on the massage. It includes a bag of catnip leaves to attract cats to tickle, and the brush can be easily removed for cleaning and installation. Install the message on the corner or furniture based on the height of the cat can catch, your cat will definitely like this new toy, while combing the hair while enjoying the itchy layer.